Moscow Street Style

I found these shots from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on Refinery29 shot by Christy Kurtz and I was mesmerised!

If It turns out at all Russians dress this well, then I shall be at ease. As I’m planning what to pack for the first half of my year abroad, I’m desperately trying to justify everything in my winter wardrobe (it’s my favourite season!). But seeing these ladies I’m far less worried about sticking out like a sore thumb and more concerned about keeping warm… Perhaps what I should be more concerned about in the first place!

Where is your favourite place for street style? Tweet me at @allylovessloths


4 responses to “Moscow Street Style

  1. Wow, they all look so glam 🙂
    Moscow sounds like an amazing place to study for your year abroad! Russia just makes me think of Anastasia though 🙂
    So excited to keep tabs on your blog and follow you on twitter too 🙂
    Keep in touch!!
    Andrea xx


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