How to: Pack for Russia

photo Untitled It’s 16 hours until I board one of two planes to St. Petersburg, Russia for a 4 month language course- a prerequisite of my degree programme. Having been in preparation for this moment for a very long time, the task of packing was one at the very back of my mind. I wasnt worried about it- I love packing! I’m a packing connoisseur! ‘How to pack like a pro’ is one of my favourite videos on YouTube!

Sad, but true…

So when I tell you how much of a debacle packing for four months in an extreme climate presented for me, I’m sure you can appreciate that it was truly horrific! Especially due to my inability to compromise style over warmth (but have no fear- the fur coat has been packed!).
A rule that I like to adhere to is, getting out everything you’d like to take with you…and then halving it- no exceptions! All I can say is, thank god there’s a western shopping mall in the centre of St. Petes! Maybe this will teach me about the transitory nature of possessions (namely clothes) :/

But I am proud to say that I have (hopefully) adhered to the weight restrictions (a mere 23kg for 4 months?! Appalling!) and managed to pack a good variety of clothing in. Whether they stand up to the weather conditions abroad, will be another matter.

If you’re interested in what I managed to pack in, I’ve included a list (the very one I used to pack with!) to give a basic idea of what 23kg actually entails!

Ally’s Packing List for Russia

I’ll hopefully be entering diary-style entries during my year abroad on this blog, once I establish a decent wifi connection, so keep in touch! X


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