Valentin Yudashkin

535038_10151547947629618_1947888920_nLast week, I took a night train to Moscow from St Petersburg to have a gander at the Motherland’s capital city. Along our adventures, we found the Pushkin Museum of Fine Art which, aside from being a total farce (everything was a plaster cast or recreation of original sculptures/ art…. nice try, Russia) was ridiculously good luck as we stumbled upon a celebratory exhibition of Valentin Yudashkin’s work.


For those that don’t know, Yudashkin is the King of Russian fashion, being perhaps the sole reason that Russia is even on the fashion map and blessed with a fashion week twice a year (although Putin probably had something to do with it too…).


However, there is a serious reason behind his triumph. He is perhaps one of the best contemporary designers I’ve yet to come across. There’s Prada and then there’s Yudashkin. There’s Givenchy and then there’s Yudashkin. There’s Tom Ford and then there’s Yudashkin…. you get the picture.

He’s basically the McQueen of Russia.

Yeah, I went there. He’s that good.


Just being in the presence of these dresses took my breath away… and there’s not many things that can do that to me anymore! He manages to combine the elegance and hauteur that is so so so rare to find these days. I can only imagine what it must be like to wear something like this… every bead is hand-stitched, every dress fully contoured to a woman’s body and nothing is too extravagant. Screw the red carpet, you’ll want a golden one to match colour of your aura when wearing one of these total beauts.


The exhibition itself was just stunning. The dresses were set against sculptures (or should I say plaster casts?) from classical Rome and Greece and they just set off the dresses perfectly. If you ever needed a better setting for these beauts, this would have been it. They were perfectly nestled in between, around and in front of these huge stunning pieces of history, just like they belonged there with them. Below is one of my favourite set-ups….


So hats off to you, Yudashkin. If I wasn’t already in love with Russian fashion enough, you’ve topped it all off with a sharp soviet swish.

Valentin Yudashkin, Ready To Wear, Spring Summer 2014, Paris

I implore you- if you’re in Moscow, go and see this. The exhibition is housed in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Art until 15th December 2013.


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