Week 14: Adventure Time

Firstly- apologies for dropping off the face of the earth.


Life here in Medellin is very fast paced (especially for a country with a “mañana” attitude). I´ve been kept busy these last few weeks with the following things:

– Volunteering at the Archery World Cup. Although one of the better experiences I´ve had here (and getting to meet some new people), I also had to wear these incredibly flattering (NOT) trousers and polo combos for a week. #Tragic.


Archery Swag

– I´ve taken up caleño salsa lessons which are awesome. Essentially, by the time I get back to England, I´m aiming to look like this:

No biggie.

– We went to Guatape and climbed El Peñol- a bloody massive rock with over 500 steps that need climbing in order to get to the top. That trip made me realise what good mates I´ve made here and how sad it will be when we all have to leave 😦


Top of The Rock

– We also went to Parque Explora: Medellín´s answer to the science museum. Dinosaurs were the central theme of the day…


We like to act like dinosaurs

Aside from all this, we´ve had some good nights out, I´ve had some amourous attention (post on Dating in Colombia to come!) and work is getting progressivley harder and harder to turn up to.

This is mainly because I´ve been having second thoughts about working in Fashion (and I certainly don´t want to work in PR ever again. If my future career consists of me chasing journalists who are incapable of picking up a ringing phone then count me OUT). To that end, I´m looking for another placement to supplement the one that I´m currently working at. It was sad having to tell my boss this, especially as we´ve really bonded over the last few months but luckily he understood how I felt.

In other news I´VE FINISHED MY DIPLOMA… for this semester. Final exams and coursework in December this year and then I´m DONE. #ThankChrist. Now, instead of studying, evenings have been spent catching up on Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, White Collar and a good dose of non-dubbed over Sex and the City when it comes on TV. Life is good, readers. Life is good.

We´ve also had a new bout of interns come to Medellin this month which has made me realise what a sweet tight group we were before. Now there´s nearly 30 interns with even more coming in July and its making me re-realise how much I dislike big groups: I´m not a group person. Give me a good mate and a beer in my local any day (#workhardplayhard).

Also this weekend is the final “heat” of the Colombian presidential elections. Essentially, all you need to know is if the Nazi-type candidate wins, I´m going to have to hide in the British Embassy until my flight on July 30th. He plans to reopen war with the guerillas if he wins the elections. But not to worry- the embassy is next to a McDonalds!  Always a silver lining… ?

Will keep you updated as developments progress…

(Also, I only have 7 weeks left! WHERE has the time gone??)


2 responses to “Week 14: Adventure Time

  1. 1. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed so that Zuluaga doesn’t win! This election has sucked so much! We have to choose between two awful candidates, but I hope we avoid the worst and you don’t have to hide in the embassy!
    2. I’m Colombian and I’ve never been able to dance salsa like that, I’m so ashamed!!…Maybe I’ll move to Cali and learn there
    3. Hope your time in Colombia keeps being awesome!

    Suerte 🙂


    • Hi Lucia! Thanks for your comment 🙂 I hope I don’t have to hide in the embassy either but not only because of that but because Colombia deserves peace- it’s such a beautiful country! I love it here, it’s wonderful. It’s thanks to people like you that make me feel so welcome x


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