Week 16: Bonkers

I´ve been getting pretty emosh this week and thinking harder about some of the things that really stand out to me in this beautiful country. Something that really strikes me about Colombia is the beautiful array of flora and fauna they have here. Every day I’m lucky enough to go to work in a natural paradise, complete with swimming pool, overhanging tropical trees and a variety of animals that would make the peak district go red with embarrasment. Just this week, I’ve seen hummingbirds, red macaws (rape birds), red squirrels and some form of mammal that lives in the trees outside my office window (quite difficult to see them as they move very quickly).

Aptly named "rape birds"

Aptly named “rape birds”

But back to the main events of this week- it was a fun packed one, with partying starting early on Thursday night. Our housemate, Arthi was leaving to go and have more adventures out in Texas and so we decided to throw her a SIR party (essentially, a normal party but one where you dress up, don top hats/ moustaches/ bow ties etc). Celebrations lasted til the early hours- another attestment to how awesome everyone is here.



Our other housemate Maxy was also due to leave this weekend so Friday was used for recovery before we set up for another party. Jordan, Simona’s mate, was over from Australia as part of his travels around South America and somehow this ended up being his night… thusly named “Jordan’s Night”. We spent another night full of party in the rooftop bar of the Charlee Hotel (complete with swimming pool) and, obviously, finished it at Sixtina (#ruinerofdreams). I also wore, THE zip dress to end all zip dresses. It was all kinds of innapropriate.

Babeses & zip dress nortiness

Babeses & zip dress nortiness


Saturday saw Colombia beat Uruguay in the World Cup and so obviously, we went out to party. Parque Lleras was the place to be as we watched the action from a big screen in the center of the celebrations. Foam, alcohol, flour and all other sorts of subtstances were thrown and we eventually crawled out of the crowd in search of food (note: hot dog stands are THA BOMB in Colombia). We all soon collapsed back at home and didnt resurface until Sunday afternoon for a swim in our pool.


It was at this point that Simona suggested going to the Plátano festival in Sabaneta, where she works. Its a really cute barrio in Medellín where everyone knows everyone. By the time we arrived at the festival, it was full of people and they were setting up for the live music later on. We stocked up on beers (kindly bought by Simona´s boss) and then made our way backstage courtesy of Simona´s contacts. The crowds were huge when Pipe Pelaez eventually made it onto stage and we salsa’ed the night away with 4 litres of aguardiente and several more beers. We lost a couple of people that night- one of which ended up under a bypass at 4am, rolling around in the grass… no names mentioned!

Probably the amount of aguardiente that we consumed that night...

Probably the amount of aguardiente that we consumed that night…

The next day was a bank holiday and so after re-recovering AGAIN, we decided to head up to “The Castle”- aptly named for its turret-like structure but seemingly lacking in history. We took a short tour and then headed out to the gardens (much prettier than the castle!) for an impromptu picnic. The sun set on the castle and eventually on us too, as we were ushered out of the grounds by security. That night, we played Colombian monopoly in a bid to rid Jordan of his previous title to no avail. He beat us all, hands down.

10273763_10152570935226913_5185316533729187154_n 10351741_10152572847136913_3082429030118770303_n

I only have 3 more weeks in Medellín and despite how clichéd it sounds, it really has gone SO FAST. I feel like I want to go back to England, but I don´t want to leave Colombia. Somehow if I could transport people’s attitudes, food and obviously the fantastic people I’ve met here, back to England then I would be incadescently happy.

But as that is potentially the last thing that will ever happen, bring on the last 3 weeks, Colombia. Make these last days, the best of my trip!



Any thoughts?

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