Week 17: Sick…

Thanks to last weeks antics, I have managed to get sick…. and not in a good way. Thanks to some fantastic bites on my feet and ankles from our impromptu picnic at “The Castle” last week, I had to take yet more time off work as the swelling had made it difficult to even walk. A visit from the doctor later and I’m prescribed a weeks worth of antibiotics, painkillers and a cream which ominously has “acidico” in the title. Obviously, this means that I can’t drink whilst on this medication cue me crying into a pizza box on Friday night.


Scared we’re gonna lose 😦



Colombia lost their game in the World Cup on Friday which put us all in a bit of a phunk. We had all somehow managed to convince ourselves that we were capable of winning against Brazil, to no avail. That night, we called it an early one whilst receiving multiple phone calls from the boys who were partying hard in Lleras til the early hours.



My handsome bastard of a husband

My handsome bastard of a husband

In my quest for trying to convince myself that I CAN have a good time without alcohol (LOL), I attempted to go out on Saturday night with everyone to Rio Sur after a gorgeous dinner of tapas and paella in a Spanish restaurant downstairs from all the clubs. We ended up in Attic- a free-entry bar at the top of Rio Sur. It wasnt much of a dancing club (I can’t count the amount of times I was pushed/ kicked/ moved out of the way by pissed Colombians trying to get to the bar) but it was fun nonetheless, with a good mix of western and colombian tunes.

Simona and I stayed up til the early hours talking about life, things we’ll miss and the inevitability of everything ending the short few days to come. We got pretty emosh chatting about things and so watched the sunrise, trying not to ball our eyes out. The next thing I know, I’m waking up and its 4.30pm on Sunday. Whoops!



This week we’re planning on doing a lot more things together to make the time we have left even more worthwhile. And obviously, bossing it at salsa classes!

Stay tuned for more inevitably soppy and mopey posts in the lead up to the end of my time in Medellín 😦



Any thoughts?

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