Weeks 18 & 19: The Run-up to Fashion Week

I’m combining these two posts as a means of conserving what little time I have left before the inevitable snow storm that is, Colombiamoda arrives. Since arriving in Medellín, my time has been leading up to this- Colombia’s national fashion week and the largest in South America.


Jump! in El Centro

These last few weeks have been spent partying hard and fitting in last-minute touristy bits & pieces in preparation for saying goodbye to both some good friends and my freedom for the next two weeks. Luckily, I have a long weekend planned in Costa Rica straight after fashion week for some good old relaxation and seeing LOTS OF SLOTHS.

More on that when the time comes.


Pájaro de Paz ❤


Summer nights in Medellín

This week however, has been spent prepping for Colombiamoda. A new girl arrived to our flat who I was pretty apprehensive about- she was also meant to work with me at Inexmoda and as someone with previous experience in both living and working with the same people, I can assure you, it’s not an easy task. Luckily however, Corina was the ray of sunshine I needed to light up my life at my internship. I had been feeling pretty lonely these last few months & less and less integrated into the office team. But with Corina’s arrival, it has helped rekindle office relations and given me someone to talk to. I can’t express how nice it has been to have someone who speaks fluent English- not only for the obvious communication reasons but also to show that I’m not a total idiot (which is what most employees here think of me… not speaking the language perfectly does NOT mean that I’m stupid). She also just happens to be awesome, which certainly helps.

Working together on projects has also meant combined efforts, speeding up the process. In just under a week we had completed the international press list and filled all the places available in the catwalks. We also started to receive clothes for the pre-press day and worked together on organising the logistics for the event.

On Tuesday we worked at the Rueda de Prensa (Pre-press day) for Colombiamoda which was being held in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. We even collaborated with the metro operator to provide a private metro wagon to and from the event that we kitted out with all our marketing posters etc.


The event itself was fantastic- held for press, bloggers and designers alike, it gave a taster of whats to come at fashion week and to contextualise people on the different spaces available at the trade show. The setting was truly atmospheric and looked truly great. Its a testament to how far this country has come and just how important this type of event is to the growth of the economy (fashion and textiles already represent a large proportion of total exports from Colombia!).

Today the event is being repeated, this time in Bogotá, to give a wider appreciation of what is in store next week.

Accredited and ready to work!

Accredited and ready to work!

The rest of my time here is going to get pretty hectic with back to back shifts right up until the end of the festival (including work on both Saturday and Sunday!). I can´t wait to get started though and will hopefully be able to update my social networks with pics of whats going on behind the scenes! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Until then readers!


Any thoughts?

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