I’m Ally and I’m a Digital Executive living and working in London, UK. I recently graduated in Modern Languages (Russian, Spanish and Portuguese) and in September 2013 I embarked on my year abroad as part of my degree programme.

From September  –  December 2013 I was in St. Petersburg, the ‘Venice of the North’ and Russia’s cultural capital. During my time there, I studied at a languages school and interned at The St Petersburg Times. Check out my Year Abroad Diary here.

From March 2014- August 2014 I interned (hence being International!) in Medellin, Colombia. Having become semi-proficient at Spanish over the years (there’s still the odd bit of Spanglish in there at times…) I worked as the International Press Manager for the top fashion promotion agency in South America, Inexmoda.

So if this sounds like your sort of thing, have a read and then let me know what you think!

Since my year abroad, I’ve taken the opportunity to expand my writing and to research into cultural trends in order to reflect in my time in Russian and South America. These are under the tab named ‘Introspect’- a qualitative documentation of my personal findings.

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read, then take a look at my online portfolio and check me out on social media. I’m always on the look-out for interesting travel opportunities!